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Bringing every "Contact with the Customer" in business fields

Challenge as a leading company in Japan

HITO-Communications is the leading company for the sales support and staffing service industry in Japan.
As a results-oriented sales and marketing support company, we provide full support for our clients' interactions with their customers.
We always strive to provide support for our clients to succeed by specializing in sales, marketing, and service activities,
and utilizing our expertise in planning, marketing, and training, as well as our nationwide network.

Our strengths

1. We cover a wide range of fields, from sales support for products and services to sightseeing
2. We have a strong track record and expertise from our experience offering sales support and acting as a distributing agent,
for both Japanese and global companies.
3. We have insight from hiring, training, and retaining over 10,000 sales and service staff per year.
4. We offer a one-stop service system with nationwide support, deployed in our 45 offices throughout Japan.

Group Companies

  • Japan Limousine Service Co., Ltd Premium limousine concierge service for guests from overseas
  • Voice Enterprise Co., Ltd. Dispatching tour conductors specialized in overseas travel with professional knowledge and hospitality
  • TOTAL CREATIVE AGENCY Co., Ltd. Dispatching tour conductors both in Japan and abroad to the travel/tourism industry
  • JATS Co., Ltd. Exclusive staffing service for the tourism industry capable of handling a wide range of sightseeing , travel, and special events needs






9:00 am - 6:00 pm
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and year-end/New Year' s holidays)

Office locations


Sales Outsourcing

We help our clients to achieve their sales targets by providing comprehensive sales and marketing services for a variety of products, from consumables to durables.

Scope of our outsourcing services
Study & Research Pre-study for store administration, business flow analysis, mystery shopper, etc.
Planning Sales promotion planning, administrative planning, shop design, etc.
Recruitment, Education and Training Establishment of job requirements, recruiting, and interviewing, training material production, shift management, etc.
Sales and Administration Store administration, merchandisers, rounders, call centers, etc.
Follow-up Support Sales performance analysis, customer trend analysis, proposal and execution of actions for improvement, etc.


Sales Promotion

HITO-Communications' offerings are not limited to administrative outsourcing.
We offer solutions to improve sales based on our extensive track record.

Our Services
Store and booth design Campaign and in-store point of purchase production
In-store Point of Purchase (POP) design and production Full support for novelty favors, from planning to distribution
Planning, design and administration for domestic and international exhibitions We can provide multilingual support for visitors from abroad as well.
Planning and implementation of action plans to attract customers Collaborative promotions with various media (magazines, events, etc.)


Staffing Services

Dedicated professional recruiters are assigned nationwide to promote employment activities such as posting job openings and interviews.

Our Services
Temporary staffing (General worker dispatching)
Permanent staffing (Paid employment agency)
Training agent business Customer service training Product training Business etiquette training
Employment agency business Job posting agency business Receiving applications and scheduling interviews Analysis and improvement of hiring performance


Call Center/Multilingual Support

The call center at the HITO-Communications head office offers both inbound and outbound capabilities.

Our Services
Outbound services New customer origination (corporate and individual) Promotion for existing customers (corporate and individual)
Inbound services Customer support (corporate and individual) Warranties and other after-sales service Orders/inquires inbound calls handling for mail-order business owners
Multilingual support (Chinese, English, Korean, Thai and more) Interpretation for retailers and distributors Inbound call handling for tax-free services


Inbound Service for Visitors from Abroad

We develop and provide staff members who can not only offer interpretation services but also "Omotenashi (Japanese way of hospitality)"

Our Services
Tax-free solutions Tax-free counter design and administration Tax-free shop administrative training Tax-free shop counter staff dispatch
Multilingual support Multilingual call center Multilingual shopping attendants Multilingual staffing
Tourist information center planning and administration We also provide concierges and licensed (interpreter) guides


Staffing Services for Tourism

We take initiatives in staffing services for the tourism industry, demonstrating expertise as the industry leader by supporting our clients with care.

Our Services
Tour conductor staffing
Bus tour guide staffing
Hotel and resort facility staffing
Interpreter staffing
Licensed interpreter/guide staffing
Document translation
Tourism business-related clerical work

We are expanding our efforts in event & MICE administration businesses and are able to offer total solutions for event planning and administration.


MICE Support

We work closely with our clients on everything from MICE planning and implementation to reflection on previous efforts for future success.

Our Services
Office Administration Office administration outsourcing, office staffing, volunteer staff recruitment, administrative organization, correspondence, arrangement personnel staffing
Administration Supervising/facilitating directors, narrators, guide staff, reception staff, and interpreters
Sales booths Sales of goods and food/drink
Attending to VIPs Liaison services, interpreting, and attendants for VIPs
Travel and tour conductors Tour conductors (domestic/overseas), sports event guides, interpreters, licensed (interpreter) guides
Production Booth production, tool production, novelty favor production